Studied in collaboration with the Goberville family

Morini bracket for Scatt

For use at 10 m with Morini air pistols.

Version for CM162 Standard and Titanium.

Version for CM200 ø29,90 mm (comming shortly).

If you have the possibility, please check the diameter of your bottle.

Supplied with 2 supports (CM162 only) for Scatt dovetail.
Tilt 1.5 ° up and down.
N ° 15 S - For bottles between ø29.80 to 29.90 mm.
N ° 15 L - For bottles ø29.95 to 30.05 mm.
Stainless steel screws.
Delivered in a transport pouch.
Parts produced in 3D printing.

Note : If during assembly with the 15 S model, the bottle is tight and you have a space (approx. 0.7 mm) between this part and the support, use the 1.5 L model.

Scatt support for Morini

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Morini 162 user's manual
Notice Scatt 162-EN.pdf
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