Studied in collaboration with the Goberville Team.

Morini bracket for Scatt

For use at 10 m with Morini air pistols.

Version for CM162 Standard and Titanium.

Version for CM200 ø29,90 mm.

If you have the possibility, please check the diameter of your bottle.

Supplied with 1 support (CM200), 2 supports (CM162) for Scatt dovetail.
Tilt 1.5 ° up and down.
N ° 15 S - For bottles between ø29.80 to 29.90 mm.
N ° 15 L - For bottles ø29.95 to 30.05 mm.
Stainless steel screws.
Delivered in a transport pouch.
Parts produced in 3D printing.

Note CM162 : If during assembly with the 15 S model, the bottle is tight and you have a space (approx. 0.7 mm) between this part and the support, use the 1.5 L model.

Scatt support for Morini

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Morini 162 user's manual
Notice Scatt 162-EN.pdf
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